Module Base Command Aliases Description Syntax
Essentials afk eafk, away, eaway Marks you as away-from-keyboard. /<command> [player/message...]
Essentials antioch tnt A little surprise for operators. /<command> [message]
Essentials back eback, return, ereturn Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp. /<command>
Essentials backup ebackup Runs the backup if configured. /<command>
Essentials balance bal, ebal, ebalance, money, emoney States the current balance of a player. /<command> [player]
Essentials balancetop ebalancetop, baltop, ebaltop Gets the top balance values. /<command> <page>
Essentials ban eban Bans a player. /<command> <player> [reason]
Essentials banip ebanip Bans an IP address. /<command> <address>
Essentials bigtree ebigtree, largetree, elargetree Spawn a big tree where you are looking. /<command> <tree|redwood|jungle>
Essentials book ebook Allows reopening and editing of sealed books. /<command> [title|author [name]]
Essentials break ebreak Breaks the block you are looking at. /<command>
Essentials broadcast ebcast Broadcasts a message to the entire server. /<command> <msg>
Essentials broadcastworld bcw, ebcw, bcastw, ebcastw, ebroadcastworld, shoutworld, eshoutworld Broadcasts a message to a world. /<command> <world> <msg>
Essentials burn eburn Set a player on fire. /<command> <player> <seconds>
Essentials clearinventory eclean Clear all items in your inventory. /<command> [player|*] [item[:<data>]|*|**] [amount]
Essentials clearinventoryconfirmtoggle eclearinventoryconfirmtoggle, clearinventoryconfirmoff, eclearinventoryconfirmoff, clearconfirmoff, eclearconfirmoff, clearconfirmon, eclearconfirmon, clearconfirm, eclearconfirm Toggles whether you are prompted to confirm inventory clears. /<command>
Essentials compass ecompass, direction, edirection Describes your current bearing. /<command>
Essentials condense econdense, compact, ecompact, blocks, eblocks, toblocks, etoblocks Condenses items into a more compact blocks. /<command> [<itemname>|<id>|hand|inventory]
Essentials createkit ck Create a kit in game! /<command> <kitname> <delay>
Essentials customtext Allows you to create custom text commands. /<alias> - Define in bukkit.yml
Essentials delhome edelhome, remhome, eremhome, rmhome, ermhome Removes a home. /<command> [player:]<name>
Essentials deljail edeljail, remjail, eremjail, rmjail, ermjail Removes a jail. /<command> <jailname>
Essentials delwarp edelwarp, remwarp, eremwarp, rmwarp, ermwarp Deletes the specified warp. /<command> <warp>
Essentials depth eheight States current depth /depth
Essentials disposal edisposal, trash, etrash Opens a portable disposal menu. /<command>
Essentials eco eeco,economy,eeconomy Manages the server economy. /<command> <give|take|set|reset> <player> <amount>
Essentials enchant eenchant, enchantment, eenchantment Enchants the item the user is holding. /<command> <enchantmentname> [level]
Essentials enderchest echest, eechest, eenderchest, endersee, eendersee, ec, eec Lets you see inside an enderchest. /<command> [player]
Essentials essentials eessentials, ess, eess, essversion Reloads essentials. /<command>
Essentials exp eexp, xp Give, set or look at a players exp. /<command> [show|set|give] [playername [amount]]
Essentials ext eext, extinguish, eextinguish Extinguish players. /<command> [player]
Essentials feed eat,eeat,efeed Satisfy the hunger. /<command> [player]
Essentials fireball fireskull Throw a fireball. /<command> [small|skull]
Essentials firework efirework Allows you to modify a stack of fireworks. /<command> <<meta param>|power [amount]|clear|fire [amount]>
Essentials fly efly Take off, and soar! /<command> [player] [on|off]
Essentials gamemode adventure, eadventure, adventuremode, eadventuremode, creative, eecreative, creativemode, ecreativemode, egamemode, gm, egm, gma, egma, gmc, egmc, gms, egms, gmt, egmt, survival, esurvival, survivalmode, esurvivalmode, gmsp, sp, egmsp, spec, spectator Change player gamemode. /<command> <survival|creative|adventure|spectator> [player]
Essentials gc lag, elag, egc, mem, emem, memory, ememory, uptime, euptime, tps, etps, entities, eentities Reports memory, uptime and tick info. /<command> [all]
Essentials getpos eposition Get your current coordinates or those of a player. /<command> [player]
Essentials give egive Give a player an item. /<command> <player> <item|numeric> [amount [itemmeta...]]
Essentials god tgm Enables your godly powers. /<command> [player] [on|off]
Essentials hat ehat, head, ehead Get some cool new headgear. /<command> [remove]
Essentials heal eheal Heals you or the given player. /<command> [player]
Essentials help ehelp Views a list of available commands. /<command> [search term] [page]
Essentials helpop eamsg Message online admins. /<command> <message>
Essentials home ehome, homes, ehomes Teleport to your home. /<command> [player:][name]
Essentials ignore eignore, unignore, eunignore, delignore, edelignore, remignore, eremignore, rmignore, ermignore Ignore or unignore other players. /<command> <player>
Essentials info about, eabout, ifo, eifo, einfo, inform, einform, news, enews Shows information set by the server owner. /<command> [chapter] [page]
Essentials invsee einvsee See the inventory of other players. /<command> <player>
Essentials item i, eitem, ei Spawn an item. /<command> <item|numeric> [amount [itemmeta...]]
Essentials itemdb edurability Searches for an item. /<command> <item>
Essentials jump j, ej, ejump, jumpto, ejumpto Jumps to the nearest block in the line of sight. /<command>
Essentials kick ekick Kicks a specified player with a reason. /<command> <player> [reason]
Essentials kickall ekickall Kicks all players off the server except the issuer. /<command> [reason]
Essentials kill ekill Kills specified player. /<command> <player>
Essentials kit ekit,kits,ekits Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits. /<command> [kit] [player]
Essentials kittycannon ekittycannon Throw an exploding kitten at your opponent. /<command>
Essentials lightning elightning, shock, eshock, smite, esmite, strike, estrike, thor, ethor The power of Thor. Strike at cursor or player. /<command> [player] [power]
Essentials list elist, online, eonline, playerlist, eplayerlist, plist, eplist, who, ewho List all online players. /<command> [group]
Essentials mail email, eemail, memo, ememo Manages inter-player, intra-server mail. /<command> [read|clear|send [to] [message]|sendall [message]]
Essentials me action, eaction, describe, edescribe, eme Describes an action in the context of the player. /<command> <description>
Essentials more emore Fills the item stack in hand to maximum size. /<command>
Essentials motd emotd Views the Message Of The Day. /<command> [chapter] [page]
Essentials msg w, m, t, pm, emsg, epm, tell, etell, whisper, ewhisper Sends a private message to the specified player. /<command> <to> <message>
Essentials msgtoggle emsgtoggle Blocks receiving all private messages. /<command> [player] [on|off]
Essentials mute emute, silence, esilence Mutes or unmutes a player. /<command> <player> [datediff]
Essentials near enear, nearby, enearby Lists the players near by or around a player. /<command> [playername] [radius]
Essentials nick enick,nickname,enickname Change your nickname or that of another player. /<command> [player] <nickname|off>
Essentials nuke enuke May death rain upon them. /<command> [player]
Essentials pay epay Pays another player from your balance. /<command> <player> <amount>
Essentials payconfirmtoggle epayconfirmtoggle, payconfirmoff, epayconfirmoff, payconfirmon, epayconfirmon, payconfirm, epayconfirm Toggles whether you are prompted to confirm payments. /<command>
Essentials paytoggle payon Toggles whether you are accepting payments. /<command>
Essentials ping pong Pong! /<command>
Essentials potion epotion, elixer, eelixer Adds custom potion effects to a potion. /<command> <clear|apply|effect:<effect> power:<power> duration:<duration>>
Essentials powertool epowertool, pt, ept Assigns a command to the item in hand. /<command> [l:|a:|r:|c:|d:][command] [arguments] ({player} can be replaced by name of a clicked player.)
Essentials powertooltoggle epowertooltoggle, ptt, eptt, pttoggle, epttoggle Enables or disables all current powertools. /<command>
Essentials ptime playertime, eplayertime, eptime Adjust player's client time. Add @ prefix to fix. /<command> [list|reset|day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm|4000ticks] [player|*]
Essentials pweather playerweather, eplayerweather, epweather Adjust a player's weather /<command> [list|reset|storm|sun|clear] [player|*]
Essentials r er,reply,ereply Quickly reply to the last player to message you. /<command> <message>
Essentials realname erealname Displays the username of a user based on nick. /<command> <nickname>
Essentials recipe formula, eformula, method, emethod, erecipe, recipes, erecipes Displays how to craft items. /<command> <item> [number]
Essentials remove eremove, butcher, ebutcher, killall, ekillall, mobkill, emobkill Removes entities in your world. /<command> <all|tamed|named|drops|arrows|boats| minecarts|xp|paintings|itemframes|endercrystals| monsters|animals|ambient|mobs|[mobType]> [radius|world]
Essentials repair fix, efix, erepair Repairs the durability of one or all items. /<command> [hand|all]
Essentials rules erules Views the server rules. /<command> [chapter] [page]
Essentials seen eseen Shows the last logout time of a player. /<command> <playername>
Essentials sell esell Sells the item currently in your hand. /<command> <<itemname>|<id>|hand|inventory|blocks> [-][amount]
Essentials sethome esethome, createhome, ecreatehome Set your home to your current location. /<command> [[player:]name]
Essentials setjail esetjail, createjail, ecreatejail Creates a jail where you specified named [jailname]. /<command> <jailname>
EssentialsSpawn setspawn esetspawn Set the spawnpoint to your current position. /<command> <group>
Essentials setwarp createwarp, ecreatewarp, esetwarp Creates a new warp. /<command> <warp>
Essentials setworth esetworth Set the sell value of an item. /<command> [itemname|id] <price>
EssentialsXMPP setxmpp Set your xmpp address. /<command> <address>
Essentials showkit kitpreview,preview,kitshow Show contents of a kit. <command> <kitname>
Essentials skull head Set the owner of a player skull /<command> [owner]
Essentials socialspy esocialspy Toggles if you can see msg/mail commands in chat. /<command> [player] [on|off]
EssentialsSpawn spawn espawn Teleport to the spawnpoint. /<command> [player]
Essentials spawner changems, echangems, espawner, mobspawner, emobspawner Change the mob type of a spawner. /<command> <mob> [delay]
Essentials spawnmob mob, emob, spawnentity, espawnentity, espawnmob Spawns a mob. /<command> <mob>[:data][,<mount>[:data]] [amount] [player]
Essentials speed flyspeed, eflyspeed, fspeed, efspeed, espeed, walkspeed, ewalkspeed, wspeed, ewspeed Change your speed limits. /<command> [type] <speed> [player]
Essentials sudo esudo Make another user perform a command. /<command> <player> <command [args]>
Essentials suicide esuicide Causes you to perish. /<command>
Essentials tempban etempban Temporary ban a user. /<command> <playername> <datediff> <reason>
Essentials thunder ethunder Enable/disable thunder. /<command> <true/false> [duration]
Essentials time day, eday, night, enight, etime Display/Change the world time. Defaults to current world. /<command> [day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm|4000ticks] [worldname|all]
Essentials togglejail jail, ejail, tjail, etjail, etogglejail, unjail, eunjail Jails/Unjails a player, TPs them to the jail specified. /<command> <player> <jailname> [datediff]
Essentials top etop Teleport to the highest block at your current position. /<command>
Essentials tp tele, etele, teleport, eteleport, etp, tp2p, etp2p Teleport to a player. /<command> <player> [otherplayer]
Essentials tpa tpask Request to teleport to the specified player. /<command> <player>
Essentials tpaall etpaall Requests all players online to teleport to you. /<command> <player>
Essentials tpacancel etpacancel Cancel all outstanding teleport requests. Specify [player] to cancel requests with them. /<command> [player]
Essentials tpaccept etpaccept,tpyes,etpyes Accepts a teleport request. /<command> [otherplayer]
Essentials tpahere etpahere Request that the specified player teleport to you. /<command> <player>
Essentials tpall etpall Teleport all online players to another player. /<command> <player>
Essentials tpdeny etpdeny, tpno, etpno Reject a teleport request. /<command>
Essentials tphere s,etphere Teleport a player to you. /<command> <player>
Essentials tpohere etpohere Teleport here override for tptoggle. /<command> <player>
Essentials tpohere etpohere Teleport here override for tptoggle. /<command> <player>
Essentials tppos etppos Teleport to coordinates. /<command> <x> <y> <z> [yaw] [pitch] [world]
Essentials tptoggle etptoggle Blocks all forms of teleportation. /<command> [player] [on|off]
Essentials tree etree Spawn a tree where you are looking. /<command> <tree|birch|redwood|redmushroom| brownmushroom|jungle|junglebush|swamp>
Essentials unban pardon,eunban,epardon Unbans the specified player. /<command> <player>
Essentials unbanip eunbanip,pardonip,epardonip Unbans the specified IP address. /<command> <address>
Essentials unlimited eul Allows the unlimited placing of items. /<command> <list|item|clear> [player]
Essentials vanish v, ev, evanish Hide yourself from other players. /<command> [player] [on|off]
Essentials warp ewarp, warps, ewarps List all warps or warp to the specified location. /<command> <pagenumber|warp> [player]
Essentials weather rain, erain, sky, esky, storm, estorm, sun, esun, eweather Sets the weather. /<command> <storm/sun> [duration]
Essentials workbench craft, ecraft, wb, ewb, wbench, ewbench, eworkbench Opens up a workbench. /<command>
Essentials world eworld Switch between worlds. /<command> [world]
Essentials worth eprice, price, eworth Calculates the worth of items in hand or as specified. /<command> <<itemname>|<id>|hand|inventory|blocks> [-][amount]
EssentialsXMPP xmpp Send a message to a player. /<command> <player> <message>
EssentialsXMPP xmppspy Toggle xmpp spy for all messages. /<command> <player>

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